it never ends

MiniDungeons and MiniDungeons 2 are games about exploring dungeons, collecting items, fighting monsters, and preferably not dying. They're made by Christoffer Holmgård, Antonios Liapis, and Julian Togelius.

They're research games that record the actions of their players, anonymize them, and send them to the game designers who use them to come up with new ways of procedurally generating dungeons by characterizing and learning from what the players do. Hopefully, this will help it to one day evolve into MegaDungeons.

They're also well suited for experiments in agent control since they come with architectures that let you simulate them easily and quickly.

Feel free to write us if you'd be interested in using MiniDungeons for research of your own. We hope to open source MiniDungeons 2 once it's ready.

There are even a few scientific papers published that feature MiniDungeons:

MiniDungeons is currently being upgraded to version 2 (screenshots above are from the new version) and is soon coming to a mobile device near you, possibly even your mobile device if it runs iOS or Android.